Blast from the Past...Elizabeth Monvey "A Cold Breath"

23 Oct

The world has changed. Almost two years after the zombie plague destroyed civilization the last bits of mankind is trying to hold on. Remy lives with his father inside the walls of a safe haven, until the night they are attacked by a swarm of walking dead. But when help arrives, he is horrified to discover the haven has been targeted to be destroyed, no matter if no one is infected or not.

Atticus left his home when his lover was bit. Mourning the loss, he looks for something to keep him going. To not give up. He may have stumbled into the wrong group, but he can’t hurt innocents.

They find each other in the middle of an apocalypse, and although Remy might be wary of the handsome loner, he realizes Atticus might just be the person he needs to stay safe.

If only he didn’t feel so attracted to the man. 

* Why zombies?

Zombies are scary! The fact that something can keep you alive after you die, that can erase your mind, is horrifying to me. It's a form of dementia, or Alzheimer's, and for me personally, that's one of the scariest fates for us.  

* Do you think the zombie apocalypse can become reality?

Yes. My own personal theory is that it'll be caused by the inactivated flu viruses we put into our bodies. 

* Any other bump-in-the-night books coming soon?

I would say my "My Boyfiend Is..." series are all bump-in-the-night stories, so check them out if you haven't done so yet. I am working on a ghost story right now.

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