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23 Aug


My life was filled with colors, patterns, and beautiful soul-stirring songs. Then he barged into my life and swept me along with him. 

Don’t ask me. Yes, I resisted him right from the beginning. But truthfully, I’m not that immune to him. 

Besides, who doesn’t want a perfect life? That’s why I’m on the verge of saying yes to his proposal, which I know he’s about to make soon. 

And he did. 

Shockingly, he hasn’t knelt in front of me on one knee with a breathtaking, picturesque background, but with the heart-stopping truth staring me in the eye. 

Now I could no longer see the burst of colors, only thick clouds hovering above me, the gray scales coupled with haunting music. 

But, God, help me! I cannot say no to this world-class renowned photographer. And I also cannot stop him from chasing what he’s been chasing his entire career. 

I just wish that there is no Aiden Silver in the first place. Am I stupid to say that? No. You will wish the same once you know my story with the husband-to-be. Oh, only he doesn’t know that I bleed the same way as he does. 

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